Thursday, April 07, 2005

Newsletter Corrections

The "Mothers and Daughters Banquet" being held at the Colorado Ave Baptist Church on Friday May 6th starts at 6:30 PM, not 10:00 AM.

The "Jonah Bull Home" is located at 2233 Wayne Ave not 2033 as published.

Numbers were not my friends this month!

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Anonymous said...

Hello new neighbors: I am a Beavercreek Rufegee having a wonderful time redoing a little cottage. I don't know if this is Ohmer Park or Walnut. I was sold on it before I heard what seems to be becoming an urban legend-that this was the caretaker's cottage for the Ohmer Orchard.
I've dug through layers of scary carpet, linoleom, and tile to get back to the plank floors. They were, as I suspected, pretty well shot, but look great painted.I'm now doing the outside, and would love to take off the never cleaned or painted aluminum siding and flagstone facade, but am not be ready to see what may be underneath.It is listed as being built in 1906, and in comparing the same house numbers on the bricked streets, I find all mostly cottages of the same size.I'd like to hear from other residents to compare notes and see if we can dig up the past. I adore living here, and would like to thank all of the neighbors for being so open and available.I enjoyed the newsletter article about yard standards violations, and am wondering who to call regarding the structure at the NW corner of Carlisle and Argyle. It is inhabited, but looks dangerous.
Thanks again for a great newsletter and a wonderful community!
Victoria Rogers