Friday, October 06, 2006

Neighborhood Presentation

The University of Dayton offers a course in community leadership and Walnut Hills was chosen as their project neighborhood this year. On Wednesday October 11th the students will make a presentation of their work so far and I'm sure they would like many people to attend. The presentation will be made at 10 Wilmington Place at 6:30 PM and should be over by 8:00 PM. I don't know what they have in store for us but it could be informative.


Daylight Savings Time ends on October 29th. You need to set your clocks back one hour and change the batteries in your smoke alarm.


We participate in this program which involves collecting trash and debris along Wyoming Ave at Highland Park to Wayne Ave. This will take place on Saturday October 14th. Volunteers should meet at Highland Park (Wyoming and Steve Whalen Blvd.) at 11:00 AM. Children are welcome but need a parent or guardian present. If we have enough people we will pick up the trash on Wayne Ave as well. The Pizza Factory will be providing pizza for participants at the end of the route. This is a fun event. Come and meet some of your neighbors!
To volunteer, call Mike Schommer at 256-2516

Credit where it is due

This year we have managed to do quite alot as a neighborhood association but it wouldn’t be possible without the help of the people who volunteer their time. Besides the people named on the front of this newsletter as officers of the Walnut Hills Association, the list below includes those people who helped with the Wyoming Theater project, the Alley sweep and the organization of the Yard Sale this year. In many cases these same people have been involved in all the projects. I may have missed a few but here it goes;

Josh and Krissy Mayes, Ben and Sarah Abernethy, Mike Baker, Mary Lou Fricke, Gayle Goree, Laura Bonnorra, David Sparks, Gail Dafler, Bob Snider, Mario Gallin, Mitch Kearns, Mike Schommer, Robert Lipps, Sunshine Stevens, Everett Miller, Eric and Jenny Coleman, Deborah Cool-Llorens and Marjorie Vaudnais

Besides these people Barb Eckley and Judy Mangus have been instrumental in getting newsletters out to the 40 or so people who distribute them to your door.

If there is anyone interested in producing this newsletter each month, call Gary 253-1359

Health Fair

The Southeast Dayton Priority Board located at 2160 E. Fifth Street, is hosting a Health Fair on Friday October 20th between 1 PM and 3 PM. There will be approx. 100 Flu shots available on a first come, first served basis for people over 18 years old. Information will also be available for Medicare Part D , Red Cross, Disaster preparedness and Family Services.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Yard Sale Follow up

The yard sale was a huge success. There were 65 households signed up for the event and another 20 or so that jumped in at the last minute. We had people visiting from as far away as Cleveland to the check out the sales. We learned a great deal from the event. Those streets with the greatest number of participants were teaming with activity while those with one or two locations saw less traffic. We also discovered who wasn’t receiving this newsletter! The ultimate success was having people walking around the neighborhood. Whether they were residents or visitors they got to see what kind of neighborhood we all live in! We plan on doing this again next year. Some have suggested doing it in the spring. If you want to be involved in the organization of this event, come to the fund raising meeting now held on the last Thursday of every month at the East Branch Library on Wyoming Ave at 6:30 PM. Otherwise you will have to read about it here!