Friday, October 06, 2006

Neighborhood Presentation

The University of Dayton offers a course in community leadership and Walnut Hills was chosen as their project neighborhood this year. On Wednesday October 11th the students will make a presentation of their work so far and I'm sure they would like many people to attend. The presentation will be made at 10 Wilmington Place at 6:30 PM and should be over by 8:00 PM. I don't know what they have in store for us but it could be informative.

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Bill Pote said...

Hi Gary - and everybody in Walnut Hills. I apologize for this comment not pertaining to the actual blog post, but I'd like to let everybody know about a new Dayton website we have recently launched. (Gary, I had emailed you but I'm not sure you received it)

Dayton is a new site that aims to promote the positive assets of our city - including our strong neighborhood associations. We are using Google Maps to give the user a definitive view of the different neighborhoods and boundaries (notice we don't call everything BELMONT ;) When viewing a neighborhood, a user can see all of the venues (Metro Places) for that neighborhood and events that are taking place. Though we have many neighborhoods to add, Walnut Hills is on our original list. Check out the site when you can, and let me know what Metro Places we are missing in your neighborhood. (Go to Metro Living)

Dayton already has much going for it, despite our challenges and constant negative press from our media. By showing people what Dayton already has and inspiring them to believe in what Dayton can be, we hope to be instrumental in positive change.

Your comments, ideas and suggestions are all welcome. Thank you for your support.

Bill Pote