Monday, July 31, 2006

Southeast Priority Board Sponsors Law & Order Forum

Release Date: Monday, July 31, 2006

Contact: Paula Powers, Southeast Priority Board Coordinator, 333-7379

The public is invited to attend a “Law and Order Forum” organized and sponsored by the Southeast Priority Board and the City’s Division of Citizen Participation. The Forum will be held Thursday August 3, 2006 at the Lohrey Center, located at 2366 Glenarm Avenue. The Forum will begin promptly at 7:00 p.m.

The Southeast Priority Board will ask prepared questions of panelists from the City of Dayton and from Montgomery County. Panelists include representatives from the Police and Sheriff’s departments, the City and County Prosecutor’s offices, and judges from the Municipal and Common Pleas courts. Questions will address such issues as appropriate jail space, tougher laws, stricter sentencing, police staffing levels, more aggressive prosecutions, etc.

City and County Commissioners have been invited as special guests. The outcome sought by the Southeast Priority Board is for the City and County governments to collaborate more closely toward a series of improvements to our community’s system of law and order.

For additional information, contact Southeast Priority Board Coordinator Paula Powers, at 333-7379.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Neighborhood Yard Sale Plans

We are starting to get interest in the neighborhood yard sale scheduled for September 9th. If you would like to participate and be identified on the official map, the fee is $5 payable to the Walnut Hills Association. Residents living north of Illinois should contact Gail at 423-0422, while those between Pursell and Indiana Avenue should call Sarah at 252-2210. Please leave your name and address. Full details will be presented in next month's newsletter. Don't wait until the last minute to call. I can start promoting this event now and we need a little time to produce the maps and flyers. It would be great if we could advertise over 100 locations! If you want to donate items to be sold at the planned information locations, call Chad at 258-2392.

Alley Sweep

We have been granted an alley sweep by the City and have scheduled it for Saturday, August 26th. I need 8 volunteers to help with this event. The last one covered the entire neighborhood, and was completed by
1 PM. We should be able to expect similar results this summer. Maybe we can end it with another park picnic! More details will be posted in the next newsletter. Call Gary to volunteer 253-1359.


The Summer Park Program is in full swing and continues until July 28th. Free lunches are served at 1:15 PM on weekdays to all the children courtesy of Dayton Public Schools and we would certainly like to see more people using this service. Lunch is provided regardless of weather. There is staff in the park between 10 AM and 2 PM Monday to Friday for activities. T-Ball at 4:30 on Wednesday afternoon has produced great results and rumor has it that there will be soccer in the fall!
On the last day of the program, July 28th, the city will bring out their climbing wall and erect it in the park for the entire day. So don't let your children sit around all morning complaining that there is nothing to do, send them to the park to play!

Law and Order Forum

Mark your calendars for Thursday, August 3rd at 7 PM. The Southeast Dayton Priority Board is hosting a Law and Order Forum to be held at the Lohrey Center on Glenarm Road in Belmont. Members from the City of Dayton and the County legal system will be present. The purpose is to discuss and answer questions regarding the way our local police, prosecutors, judges and appointed officials view the logistics of the legal system, and to get them thinking about ways to correct any perceived flaws. If you think Dayton can improve its petty crime statistics, and if you believe a jail for misdemeanor crimes could be part of the solution, then you really need to come to this public meeting. You will be presented with some interesting and shocking statistics.

Mayors Walk

The Mayor will be visiting Walnut Hills on Monday July 17th for one of her scheduled walks. The walk will begin at Walgreen's located at the corner of Wayne and Wyoming Avenues at 5:30 PM. It will proceed up Wayne Ave to Utah Court, then to Gunckel Ave. From Gunckel it will proceed to Missouri Ave then to Wyoming Ave and back to Walgreen's.
These walks last about 2 hours. Residents are encouraged to participate. Members from other city departments will be present during the walk to deal with any questions or issues that arise during the event.