Saturday, July 08, 2006

Neighborhood Yard Sale Plans

We are starting to get interest in the neighborhood yard sale scheduled for September 9th. If you would like to participate and be identified on the official map, the fee is $5 payable to the Walnut Hills Association. Residents living north of Illinois should contact Gail at 423-0422, while those between Pursell and Indiana Avenue should call Sarah at 252-2210. Please leave your name and address. Full details will be presented in next month's newsletter. Don't wait until the last minute to call. I can start promoting this event now and we need a little time to produce the maps and flyers. It would be great if we could advertise over 100 locations! If you want to donate items to be sold at the planned information locations, call Chad at 258-2392.

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Anonymous said...

"Residents living north of Illinois should contact Gail at 423-0422"

Since Illinois runs basically north & south, shouldn't that read "west of Illinois?"