Thursday, May 26, 2005

Parent Meetings for Emerson Academy

Emerson Academy will be holding a Parent Information Meeting on June 14th and July 19th at 6:30pm. For more information call the school at (937) 223-2889. Please visit them at 501 Hickory St. Dayton, OH 45410 or on the web at

This is what they had to say;

Emerson Academy of Dayton is a no-cost, public charter school currently enrolling grades K-6. We offer a challenging, character-based education through a rigorous curriculum with high academic and social expectations. We prioritize the academic program and instructional time so each student reads, computes and writes at or above grade level. We also offer a strong focus on moral values and citizenship.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

St. Anthony School Offering Summer Programs

St. Anthony School, located near Steve Whalen Blvd. and Wyoming Street, will present "Summer of Learning" with the first program, Read With Me, beginning June 13. Other programs include Artists at Work, Science Camp, Jumpstart for Reading and Math, and Lights, Camera, Action. Fees vary for each program. Call Kara Burkett at 253-6251 for more information.
Pick up your Dog Poop

If you walk your dog in the neighborhood and allow it to defecate on public or private property, then you are responsible for disposing of the waste. Otherwise you are littering and subject to prosecution if caught. You could also find an excessive amount of "litter" returned to your property if your neighbors catch you!
Housing Committee Action List for Problem Properties

If you have an issue with a problem property in the neighborhood then please follow this procedure.

1. Identify the problem property and note whether problems are structural issues, peeling paint, bad or missing gutters, broken windows, trash and debris etc.

2. Call the Housing Office at 333-3977 and inform them of the address and problems. Be sure to document any information: include date, action to be taken by the inspector and given deadline.

3. Follow up if the problem is not resolved by the deadline. Contact the housing inspector. Inquire why the problem has not been resolved and document any information.

4. If the problem has not been resolved by the new deadline, call the housing inspector and inquire again as to why the problem is not resolved. If you do not get a satisfactory response then state that you will be reporting this problem to the priority board and ask to discuss the matter with the inspector's supervisor. You should report the problem now to the Walnut Hills Association Housing Committee for their involvement.

If the problem gets to the point where the Priority Board and neighborhood association get involved then the inspectors are required to document their investigations and become accountable to different departments within the City hierarchy. They don't like this and we would like to give them every opportunity to work on problems before this measure would be used. The two inspectors assigned to Walnut Hills have been working well with us. They are
John Carter 333-3956 and Nathan Zebrowski 333-3967

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

City Unveils New Electronic Newsletter

City Unveils New Electronic Newsletter
Public Invited to Subscribe to E-Mail Publication

To help keep the community informed of upcoming projects, current activities and recent achievements, the City of Dayton has launched a new electronic newsletter called “Dayton Extra.” The newsletter will be e-mailed to interested citizens, business leaders, elected officials, community partners and other interested individuals at least once a month. Anyone interested in subscribing to the electronic publication can visit the City of Dayton’s web site at or call 333-3333 and provide an e-mail address.

“My colleagues and I on the City Commission believe there are many positive things occurring in the city of Dayton that do not always get proper attention in the media,” Mayor Rhine McLin said. “The Dayton Extra newsletter is one more way we can spread the word about the many good news stories impacting our neighborhoods, our business community, our employees and downtown. I encourage anyone interested in hearing more good news about the City of Dayton to contact us and get added to our e-mail list.”

McLin said the Dayton Extra newsletter will complement existing communication tools the City uses to reach out to the public, including Government Access Television (channels 10 & 24), the City’s web site at, and other miscellaneous printed publications. She indicated the City will also continue to explore additional ways it can expand its communication efforts in the community.

The new electronic version of Dayton Extra is a variation of a printed newsletter that was formerly mailed to neighborhood residents through the U.S. Post Office. The updated electronic version has no printing or postage costs associated with it, and its subscriber base can be expanded easily to include anyone with an e-mail address.

Anyone wishing to receive the publication via e-mail can visit and follow the directions to subscribe, or call 333-3333 and request to be added to the e-mail distribution list.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Building Safety Week Offers Amnesty Opportunity

Amnesty Offered During Building Safety Week
Property Owners Can Obtain Correct Permits without Penalty

Release Date: Monday, May 2, 2005
Contact: Bill Nelson, Director of the Department of Building Services, 333-3883

The City of Dayton will be joining other communities around the world in celebrating Building Safety Week from May 8-14.

Building Safety Week raises public awareness of building safety and promotes the use, enforcement and understanding of building safety and fire prevention codes to protect lives and property. The theme of this year's Building Safety Week is "Making Homes, Schools and Workplaces Safer Together ".

As part of the recognition, Dayton 's Department of Building Services will offer amnesty to residents who have recently performed any construction on their homes or businesses without obtaining a building permit.

Under the amnesty offer, any Dayton property owner who has performed construction work without a permit can visit the Department of Building Services during Building Safety Week to obtain the proper permits. The traditional practice of imposing a double permit fee for work without a permit will be suspended during this period. However, the standard permit fee will apply.

Construction work performed without a permit is a criminal offense and the City often prosecutes for failure to obtain a permit. During this period, Building Services staff will work with property owners to ensure the proper permits are issued and inspections are conducted.

In addition, the Division of Housing Inspection will offer amnesty for rental unit registrations that are overdue. All residential properties that are not owner-occupied are required to be registered with the City of Dayton's Division of Housing Inspection. The residential registration forms are available on the City of Dayton's web site at

As part of Building Safety Week; the Department of Building Services will also conduct an Open House on Tuesday, May 10 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Building Services Department is located at the One Stop Center, 371 West Second Street.

"I encourage the public to stop by to learn more about the work that the Building Services Department does, " said Bill Nelson, Director of the Department of Building Services." Building code enforcement is the job of professionals who work right here in the City of Dayton," Nelson said." Inspectors, plan reviewers and others in our department work to ensure that the structures you and your families live, work, and play in are safe by issuing building permits and inspecting buildings during and after construction."

Nelson added, " Our department is using Building Safety Week to educate the community about the importance of obtaining proper permits and also registering non owner-occupied rental properties. It is an opportunity to increase public awareness of the role that building safety and fire prevention officials, local and state building departments and federal agencies play on the front line of defense to protect lives and property. They are the 'silent defenders' who are seldom seen but work daily to ensure safety in the built environment."

"We encourage people to come in and tell our staff at the front desk that you are here to take advantage of the amnesty." Nelson said.

Building Safety Week, first observed in 1980, is sponsored by the International Code Council Foundation, an organization dedicated to changing the devastating effects of natural disasters and other building tragedies at home and around the world. The International Code Council is an association that develops building safety and fire prevention codes that are used in more than 15,000 jurisdictions across the nation.

For any building safety concerns, contact the Building Services Department at 333-3883. For housing registration questions, contact the Division of Housing Inspection at 333-3977.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Youth Employment Program

Starting Friday May 6, 2005 applications for the City's Summer Youth Employment Program will be available at Priority Boards and Recreation Centers. This year the program is being administered by the Bomberger Teen Center staff and will accommodate youth aged 13-15 years old. For your awareness, teens will be asked to pick up and turn in applications at the site they wish to work. So if kids want to work at Lohrey, they should go to Lohrey to get an application. While the Southeast site office will not actually be a worksite, we are working with Non-Profits in the SE area who will serve as worksites.