Tuesday, May 10, 2005

City Unveils New Electronic Newsletter

City Unveils New Electronic Newsletter
Public Invited to Subscribe to E-Mail Publication

To help keep the community informed of upcoming projects, current activities and recent achievements, the City of Dayton has launched a new electronic newsletter called “Dayton Extra.” The newsletter will be e-mailed to interested citizens, business leaders, elected officials, community partners and other interested individuals at least once a month. Anyone interested in subscribing to the electronic publication can visit the City of Dayton’s web site at www.cityofdayton.org/daytonextra or call 333-3333 and provide an e-mail address.

“My colleagues and I on the City Commission believe there are many positive things occurring in the city of Dayton that do not always get proper attention in the media,” Mayor Rhine McLin said. “The Dayton Extra newsletter is one more way we can spread the word about the many good news stories impacting our neighborhoods, our business community, our employees and downtown. I encourage anyone interested in hearing more good news about the City of Dayton to contact us and get added to our e-mail list.”

McLin said the Dayton Extra newsletter will complement existing communication tools the City uses to reach out to the public, including Government Access Television (channels 10 & 24), the City’s web site at www.cityofdayton.org, and other miscellaneous printed publications. She indicated the City will also continue to explore additional ways it can expand its communication efforts in the community.

The new electronic version of Dayton Extra is a variation of a printed newsletter that was formerly mailed to neighborhood residents through the U.S. Post Office. The updated electronic version has no printing or postage costs associated with it, and its subscriber base can be expanded easily to include anyone with an e-mail address.

Anyone wishing to receive the publication via e-mail can visit www.cityofdayton.org/daytonextra and follow the directions to subscribe, or call 333-3333 and request to be added to the e-mail distribution list.

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