Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Housing Committee Action List for Problem Properties

If you have an issue with a problem property in the neighborhood then please follow this procedure.

1. Identify the problem property and note whether problems are structural issues, peeling paint, bad or missing gutters, broken windows, trash and debris etc.

2. Call the Housing Office at 333-3977 and inform them of the address and problems. Be sure to document any information: include date, action to be taken by the inspector and given deadline.

3. Follow up if the problem is not resolved by the deadline. Contact the housing inspector. Inquire why the problem has not been resolved and document any information.

4. If the problem has not been resolved by the new deadline, call the housing inspector and inquire again as to why the problem is not resolved. If you do not get a satisfactory response then state that you will be reporting this problem to the priority board and ask to discuss the matter with the inspector's supervisor. You should report the problem now to the Walnut Hills Association Housing Committee for their involvement.

If the problem gets to the point where the Priority Board and neighborhood association get involved then the inspectors are required to document their investigations and become accountable to different departments within the City hierarchy. They don't like this and we would like to give them every opportunity to work on problems before this measure would be used. The two inspectors assigned to Walnut Hills have been working well with us. They are
John Carter 333-3956 and Nathan Zebrowski 333-3967

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