Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Received from a resident;

Walnut Hills in the News of Yesteryear.

My name is Shawna Woodard and I work at the main downtown Dayton Metro Library in the newspaper, genealogy, and local history section. Since I live in Walnut Hills I thought it might be interesting to jot down some Walnut Hills addresses when I came across them in the newspaper. I am working on a long term project of indexing obituaries, so what I have found so far is from the obituaries.
Feel free to come down to the main library and search the city directories for your address. You can see who lived in your house from 1916 to 2006. If you want to, you can then see if we have an obituary on a past resident. Also available are Sanborn Fire Insurance maps for 1918 and 1950. You can see the basic outline of your house, what kind of roof it had, how many windows, and what other houses are on the street next to it. If you have more questions, you can reach me at work in the magazines department at 227-9551.

Newspaper Date Page Story

Dayton Journal 25 Feb 1947 14 Obituary, Mrs. Helen C. Geiger, 19 Virginia Ave

Dayton Daily News 17 Dec 1951 27 Obituary, Else Clara Strunk, 903 Wayne Ave

DDN 19 Dec 1951 47 Obituary, C. Monroe Watson, 74, 1524 Wyoming St.

DDN 23 Dec 1951 Sec 3 p 6 Obituary, Henry J. Heinz, 85, 1406 Wyoming St.

DDN 26 Dec 1951 19 Obituary, Adelbert Van Horn, 80, 1032 Wayne Ave

DDN 27 Dec 1951 15 Obituary, Mary DeEsther Sims, 56, 31 Illinois Ave

DDN 30 Dec 1951 Sec 3 p 5 Obituary, Lenore Carey Bailey, 45 Gunkel Ave

DDN 31 Dec 1951 9 Obituary, Mary A. Moses, 147 Medford Street

DDN 1 Feb 1952 40 Obituary, Frank H. Meier of 15 Illinois Ave

DDN 2 Feb 1952 2 Obituary, Earl Wilson, 79, of 473 Wyoming St

DDN 2 Feb 1952 2 Obituary, Frank H. Meier, 72, of 15 Illinois Ave

DDN 5 Jan 1952 8 Obituary, Mrs. Augusta Drake, 1303 Wayne Ave

DDN 16 Mar 1952 Sec 2 p 6 Obituary, Mrs. Edith Daniel of 129 Illinois Ave, Daughter of Union Veterans

DDN 16 Feb 1952 2 Obituary, Mortie Henning, 64 Virginia Ave

DDN 17 Feb 1952 15 Obituary, John Ortman, 336 Nassau St.

DDN 18 Feb 1952 15 Obituary, Mrs. May Blanche Logan, 334 Wayne Ave.

DDN 28 Mar 1952 20 Obituary, Carl Fischer, age 60, of 214 Illinois Ave

DDN 28 Mar 1952 35:6 Information on the estate of Matthew S. Riley, grocer, of 261 Virginia Avenue, died Feb. 21

DDN 29 Mar 1952 2 obituary, Mrs. Dora Erisman of 731 Wyoming St., member of Colorado Avenue Baptist Church

DDN 31 Mar 1952 24 Obituary, Katherine V. Gray of 261 Virginia Ave

DDN 25 May 1953 21 Obituary, Charles W. Smiley, 9 Illinois Ave

DDN 2 Dec 1954 49 Obituary, Richard Counts, 354 Wyoming St.

DDN 6 Dec 1954 24 Obituary, Laura Mannington, 1140 Wyoming St.

DDN 12 Nov 1973 40 Obituary, Sara Alice Owen, 88, of 1101 Tip Top Ave.

Volunteers for t-ball

Volunteers are needed to help run a T-ball league in Walnut Hills Park this summer. Volunteers are also needed for the daily program activities. Please call Theresa Wendell at 259-1898.

Parking in the street

Every couple of years we have to inform our residents that parking in the streets is not exclusive to a property owner. The street is public domain and as such, anyone can park their vehicle on the street provided that there are no contrary provisions such as "No Parking" or a reserved spot for a disabled resident. You should show common courtesy though and not park an immobile vehicle in front of a neighbor's property because you then permanently deprive them of the opportunity to park in front of their own home. An immobile vehicle with valid tags can be towed after a few days if you contact the housing inspection office. Unlicensed vehicles or ones with expired plates can be towed immediately by calling the police department. Most people won't contact the police or housing inspection until an "abandoned" vehicle becomes a problem or an eyesore. So, if you need a few days to work on your car, park it in front of your own house and to avoid any wrong impressions keep your tires inflated. Otherwise, in a week or two someone will call to have it towed away.

Adopt-An-Area Volunteers

Mike Schommer would like Walnut Hills to participate in the "Adopt-an-Area" program. He is looking for a few volunteers to help with litter pick up starting at Highland Park and extending down Wyoming Ave to The Pizza Factory on Wayne Ave where Free pizza will be provided to the volunteers. Planned date for this event is Saturday May 13th. For specific details call Mike at 256-2516.


The East Dayton Vikings Football/Cheerleading
Will be having our first round of Sign-ups
When: 5/20/2006 1-4pm
Where: The Lohrey Center
These Sign-ups are for children entering 3rd, 4th 5th & 6th grades in the fall.
Cost: Is $75.00 per child due at registration time.

Contacts for Football:
Robert De Long 252-0311 (or leave a message)
Brian Cooper 259-0269 (or leave a message)
Lawrence “Buzz” Wallace 397-0603

Contacts for Cheerleading:
Cindy Shivadecker 902-2383
Nancy Cooper 259-0269 (or leave a message)

Grass and Yard Standards

As summer fast approaches, I have to ask you once again to play the role of a “good neighbor” by cutting the grass in the yards of vacant houses when it gets too long. If you lodge a complaint with the city, be aware that grass is mowed only in June and September. You are better off calling the housing inspector and asking them to write a ticket so the owner is fined. Have the inspector tell you when the ticket is issued, then cut the grass yourself. At least the owner will be held responsible for the monetary fine.
During the summer, the housing inspectors concentrate more on yard standards and will be looking for items such as:
* Indoor stuffed sofas on the porch (attract mice and cats like to spray them)
*Bushes growing in the right of ways or obstructing driving vision
*Motor vehicles on lawns or junked vehicles in yards
*Dog feces in yards that is not picked up regularly
Basically it is simple, be a considerate neighbor. If you don't offend others then they won't tell on you!

Monday, April 17, 2006

These cards were mailed out today...

APRIL 26, 2006
5 - 7 P.M.
There will be several proposals for modifications for the
Wayne/Wilmington/Stewart intersections on display.
These proposed plans were created from public input
solicited at a meeting held in February of this year.
Please attend, ask questions and voice your opinion.
For more information, please call the
Engineering Department at 333-3840