Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Grass and Yard Standards

As summer fast approaches, I have to ask you once again to play the role of a “good neighbor” by cutting the grass in the yards of vacant houses when it gets too long. If you lodge a complaint with the city, be aware that grass is mowed only in June and September. You are better off calling the housing inspector and asking them to write a ticket so the owner is fined. Have the inspector tell you when the ticket is issued, then cut the grass yourself. At least the owner will be held responsible for the monetary fine.
During the summer, the housing inspectors concentrate more on yard standards and will be looking for items such as:
* Indoor stuffed sofas on the porch (attract mice and cats like to spray them)
*Bushes growing in the right of ways or obstructing driving vision
*Motor vehicles on lawns or junked vehicles in yards
*Dog feces in yards that is not picked up regularly
Basically it is simple, be a considerate neighbor. If you don't offend others then they won't tell on you!


Anonymous said...

there is a vacant property at 218 Indiana Ave. the owner willnot cut his grass and the city only does it twice a yr.. Me and my wife have started cutting it to keep up appearances in the area. Some had mentioned to us we can somehow get a city tax credit for this, if so how?

Gary said...

I don't know of any tax credits for cutting grass. There used to be an adopt-a-lot program for vacant lots but I'm not sure of the status.
218 Indiana is currently going through the forclosure process. The bank is in Utah. You can find the details at the Clerk of Courts site by typing in the owners name under defendent. All of the links can be found through the Crime watch link on the left side of the main blog page.
Unfortunately we don't have a right to a safe clean neighborhood, we have a responsibility to it. The City won't hold our hands and tell us everything is OK. We have to hold our own hands. Thank you for being responsible!