Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Parking in the street

Every couple of years we have to inform our residents that parking in the streets is not exclusive to a property owner. The street is public domain and as such, anyone can park their vehicle on the street provided that there are no contrary provisions such as "No Parking" or a reserved spot for a disabled resident. You should show common courtesy though and not park an immobile vehicle in front of a neighbor's property because you then permanently deprive them of the opportunity to park in front of their own home. An immobile vehicle with valid tags can be towed after a few days if you contact the housing inspection office. Unlicensed vehicles or ones with expired plates can be towed immediately by calling the police department. Most people won't contact the police or housing inspection until an "abandoned" vehicle becomes a problem or an eyesore. So, if you need a few days to work on your car, park it in front of your own house and to avoid any wrong impressions keep your tires inflated. Otherwise, in a week or two someone will call to have it towed away.

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