Friday, October 06, 2006

Credit where it is due

This year we have managed to do quite alot as a neighborhood association but it wouldn’t be possible without the help of the people who volunteer their time. Besides the people named on the front of this newsletter as officers of the Walnut Hills Association, the list below includes those people who helped with the Wyoming Theater project, the Alley sweep and the organization of the Yard Sale this year. In many cases these same people have been involved in all the projects. I may have missed a few but here it goes;

Josh and Krissy Mayes, Ben and Sarah Abernethy, Mike Baker, Mary Lou Fricke, Gayle Goree, Laura Bonnorra, David Sparks, Gail Dafler, Bob Snider, Mario Gallin, Mitch Kearns, Mike Schommer, Robert Lipps, Sunshine Stevens, Everett Miller, Eric and Jenny Coleman, Deborah Cool-Llorens and Marjorie Vaudnais

Besides these people Barb Eckley and Judy Mangus have been instrumental in getting newsletters out to the 40 or so people who distribute them to your door.

If there is anyone interested in producing this newsletter each month, call Gary 253-1359

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