Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rental Property Owners Must Register Properties During October

Its time once again for rental property owners who do not live in their buildings to register their rental property with the City of Dayton.

According to Daytons Rental Registration ordinance, all non owner-occupied residential structures whether rented or not must be registered with the Citys Division of Housing Inspection by the end of October in odd-numbered years. This includes property owners who have registered their properties in previous years. Anyone who re-registers their rental property with the City by October 31 will avoid paying a $50.00 late fee.

Registration forms can be obtained by calling or visiting the Citys Division of Housing Inspection at the One Stop Center, 371 W. Second Street, 333-3977; visiting any Priority Board office or Montgomery County Library location; or via download from the City of Daytons web site.
Rental property that must be registered includes any single- or multiple-dwelling unit (MDU) and vacant structures not currently condemned by the City and not occupied by the owner. Exceptions to the registration ordinance include rooming houses or structures where the owner is prohibited by law from receiving rent or compensation for the use of the property.
New rental property owners are required to register within 24 hours after obtaining legal possession of the property. In cases involving multiple owners, only one owner is required to make the application for registration, although all owners must be included on the application. If the property is not registered within 90 days after legal possession, a $50 per structure late registration fee is required. When the structure has been owner-occupied and becomes vacant, the owner must apply to register the structure within 90 days after vacating.
For additional information, contact the City of Daytons Division of Housing Inspection at 333-3977, or visit the City of Dayton's Web Site.

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