Monday, October 10, 2005

Leaf Collection Begins in Dayton Neighborhoods

Release Date: Monday, October10, 2005
Contact: Jim Brinegar, Street Maintenance Manager, 937-333-4809

Beginning the week of October 24, the City of Dayton’s Division of Street Maintenance will begin its annual neighborhood leaf collection, which will continue through December 31.

Residents will have two opportunities to have their fallen leaves cleared by City workers. Leaf collection can occur on any day of the designated collection week. It is important for residents to have leaves ready by Monday of their designated week.

Leaves are to be raked to the gutter at the curbline in front of the residence prior to 7:00 a.m. on Monday of the week scheduled for collection. Leaf collection is provided at the street only. Leaves must be loose in order for leaf collection equipment to operate properly. Other yard waste should not be mixed with the leaves, and cars should not be parked over the leaves.

Area 1 – Leaves will be collected October 24-28 and November 28-December 2. Area 1 neighborhoods are: Burkhardt (east of Findlay); College Hill; Dayton View Triangle; Eastern Hills; Greenwich Village; Midtown (south of 35); Northern Hills, Roosevelt; Shroyer Park; South Park; Springfield (east of Findlay); University Park; Wesleyan Hill; Westwood (east of Walton); Wolf Creek; and Wright View.

Area 2 - Leaves will be collected October 31-November 4 and December 5-9. Area 2 neighborhoods are: Arlington Heights (north of McCall); Belmont (west of Smithville); Burkhardt (west of Findlay); Cornell Heights; Downtown; Historic Inner East; Little Richmond; McCook Field; Midtown (north of 35); Old Dayton View; Old North Dayton (west of Brandt); Oregon; Patterson Park; Princeton Heights; Residence Park; Southern Dayton View; Springfield (west of Findlay); University Row; Webster Station; and Westwood (west of Walton).

Area 3 - Leaves will be collected November 7-11 and December 12-16. Area 3 neighborhoods are: Arlington Heights (south of McCall); Bartley Estates; Belmont (east of Smithville); DeWeese; Eastmont; Fairlane; Fairview (south of Fairview); Five Oaks; Germantown Meadows; Grafton Hills; Hearthstone; Highview Hills; Kittyhawk; Lakeview; Madden Hills; McPherson; Miami Chapel (west of Randolph); Mt. Vernon; North Riverdale (south of Fairview); Northridge Estates; Pineview; Riverdale; Santa Clara; and Stoney Ridge.

Area 4 - Leaves will be collected November 14-18 and December 19-31. Area 4 neighborhoods are: Carillon; Edgemont; Fairview (north of Fairview); Five Points; Forest Ridge; Gateway; Hillcrest; Linden Heights; MacFarlane; Miami Chapel (east of Randolph); North Riverdale (north of Fairview); Old North Dayton (east of Brandt); Pheasant Hill; Philadelphia Woods; Quail Hollow; Twin Towers; Walnut Hills; and Wright Dunbar Village.

Residents can also visit the City’s website at to view the schedule for their neighborhood.

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