Saturday, September 09, 2006

Neighborhood Yard Sale Plans

CLICK HERE to see the current map and official list of participating residents. This will be updated every few days as more locations are added.
Otherwise this will be the last notification that you will get before the scheduled day, which is still September 9th, 2006. If you wish to be identified as a yard/garage sale location on the handout map and benefit from association advertising of the event, then you need to contact the following people this week and submit your name and address. Residents living west of Illinois should contact Gail on her cell phone at 423-0422, while those between Pursell and Indiana Avenue should call Sarah at 252-2210. The fee is $5.00 payable to Walnut Hills Association and will be used to offset costs of promoting the event. Don't wait until the last minute to call. When we know who the participants are, then some balloons or banners can be left at each participating location for identification purposes on the big day. Remember anyone can have his or her own sale on this day but we won't know who you are and therefore can't help you with promotion. The idea is to make this an annual event so it is very important that it is successful this year!
Any business owners should consider doing sidewalk sales on this day and it may be a good day to have an open house. An information station is planned in the parking lot of Family Video on Wayne Ave. They should be having a sidewalk sale on that day.
It would be great if we could advertise over 100 locations! If you don't want to hold a sale and you want to donate items to be sold at the planned information locations, call Chad at 258-2392. Check for additional details.


Robert said...

Try a story on the huge number of illegals living in our neighborhood. Huge numbers of the houses on Wyoming have a dozen or more Mexicans living in the same house.

Anonymous said...

What is a huge number of houses?
And how do you know they're illegal?


kzspot said...

And what does this have to do with the yard sale? I think you posted in the wrong place dude.