Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New Priority Board Committees

The Southeast Dayton Priority Board has changed their committee organization and is looking for additional citizens to get involved. You do not have to become a priority board member to participate in the committees, just a concerned resident of southeast Dayton. The committees will consist of the following categories;

Public Safety Committee – Activities relate to Police and Fire issues as well as court-watch projects and generally anything considered to impact public safety.

Community Development - Activities combine much of what the former committees of Community Relations, Business and Industry and Human Services used to engage in. For example Business and Industry activities related to retaining, attracting, increasing, promoting and improving the physical appearance of Southeast businesses. Community Relations activities related to promoting and marketing the SEPB to the community by improving communications and facilitating promotional functions. They also provided training opportunities for Board members. Human Services activities related to promotion of children’s health and communication issues, holding the City’s Recreation and Parks Dept. more accountable for youth programming, becoming more involved in non-City sponsored youth/teen centers, and supporting the Dayton Public Schools. They also educated residents regarding homeless issues.

Housing – Activities relate to holding the City more responsible for housing inspection results, education of property owners regarding their responsibilities and resources available to them, and advocacy for neighborhood cleanliness and maintenance of infrastructure, and responsible placement of homeless shelters.

Public Works - Activities relate to trash pickup, alley sweeps, traffic control issues, street repairs, RTA issues, advocating for an equitable distribution of revenues to SE public works projects, and coordinating issues related to medical services and providers such as expansion plans for MVH.

Financial Committee - Activities relate to researching and soliciting of grant monies for priority board projects and oversight of board expenditures and purchases for such projects. This group will work closely with the Treasurer who and the Coordinator.

This is one more tool that has been created by our Priority Board to allow members of the general public to have an influence on “Quality of Life” issues within our neighborhoods. The Priority Boards establish citizen participation in local government. These committees permit anyone in southeast Dayton to influence the Priority Board membership. For details or to join a committee, contact Ken Marcellus at 333-7381.

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