Monday, February 19, 2007


Several representatives from the neighborhood met with the City directors for Recreation and Youth Services and Public Works to discuss some changes at the Walnut Hills Park that would be beneficial to the community. These changes are as follows:

1. The 200 amp. electric service near the shelter should be installed in early Spring.

2. The restrooms will be accessable for community events. A key(s) will be given only to specified people including the Park Committee chairperson.

3. The pool will be turned into a great spray area. This should be completed around July. They will have a designer come to a meeting and discuss it before it is put in.

4. We will have a walking path around the tree area in the top section of the park. After some discussion, it was agreed that having it around and near the ball diamonds was not feasible.

5. They are going to install basketball hoops.

6. They are going to install two poles for volleyball.

7. They are working with a resident and employee of the Public Works Department regarding the resurfacing of the hockey rink. 20 gallons of paint will be donated for the painting of the sides.

8. Discussions are in progress regarding a youth program this summer. We may receive support or services from the YMCA and East End Community Services as well as some assistance from the University of Dayton. The lunch program will begin following the summer break.

10. Regarding the tennis courts, it was suggested that we partner with Belmont or Cleveland School to see what can be accomplished about getting them worked on. It is being investigated.

It was a very productive, successful meeting. Harold Ayres and his son Ed, who are very familiar with the park, have accepted the position as chairpersons for the park committee.


Anonymous said...

What is a spray area? Re- #3 Pool

Gary said...

A spray area is a water feature that could be as simple as a fountain or a timed device like they have installed at Riverscape. There is a themed spray park that was opened last year on Edwin C. Moses near the Wright Dunbar neighborhood. These provide water entertainment while eliminating the liability that a pool incurs.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Kzspot