Friday, May 04, 2007



• Enrollment for the Dayton Area Soccer Association (DASA) Fall Soccer season is now underway.

• Kids 4–18 years of age can register to play in this recreational soccer league.
• Dayton SAY is the official soccer league for the City of Dayton.
• See reverse side for registration form, deadlines, and fees.
Facts about Dayton SAY Soccer
• The SAY Soccer program emphasis is on kids having fun! Every player is guaranteed to play at least 1/2 of every game.
• Registration covers the cost of a soccer jersey, socks and a team photo. You supply the shorts, shoes and shin guards. No additional fundraising required!

• Season starts in late August and concludes in mid October. There are approximately 10 games in the season.
• Most games are played at the Gateway Sports Complex on Stanley Ave. near Route 4. Teams with kids ages 8 and above play some away games.

• Most games are played on Saturdays. Teams with kids ages 6 and above will play some evening games as well.
• Players ages 4–7 will receive a participation trophy at the end of the regular season.

Register early and save $5.00 for each child!

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