Sunday, June 17, 2007

An Invitation from South Park

I wanted to extend an invitation to you and your Walnut Hills neighbors from South Park. We are hosting a concert in our gazebo on Park on Saturday, June 23rd at 7 PM. A popular local group will be performing, and we are going to gather with blankets, lawn chairs, and refreshments to listen (everyone is bringing their own seating and refreshments).

Please invite your membership to attend. The group Disconnected is supposed to be pretty good--they play rock, Blues, Pop, Country covers and original songs. They play at the Fraze! Read about the band at
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Anonymous said...

I thinks this waterpark looks amazing,and a much needed update. My concern is that there is no place to swim. I have a 2yr. old grandson who doesn't like things that spray , he is afraid and would like to see a small pool. thanks for all the hard work you do.