Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Festival Was a Success!

The first Southeast Festival at Walnut Hills Park was a huge success despite a few faux pas that crept up on us along the way. Here are some pictures of the event. I may add some more later. We even got a visit from the mayor!

Here is the list of people who should be thanked for their roles in making the event a success.

Harold Ayres
Ed Ayres
Mike Schommer
Doug Schommer
Beverly Dunnington
Kent Lyon
Lela Estes
Bob Lipps
Chad Snoke
Kelly Claypool
Sarah Abernethy
Ben Abernethy
Mitch Kearns
Meg Malcolm
Shawnte Shepherd
Stephanie Llacuna
Koa Llacuna
Krissy Mayes
Josh Mayes
Ella Smith
Billy Stevenson
Steven Dalton
Joe Lacey
Kate Good
Brian Good
Ashley Wilcox
Jim Trickey
Jane Fries
Nicki Craft

There are at least four more who helped on the day but I didn't get their names so thank you too!

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