Monday, November 19, 2007

Meeting on the Kroger Development

The meeting last Thursday was well attended by neighbors from Walnut Hills, Twin Towers and South Park. Shelly Dickstein announced that the City had identified money to bridge the gap the developers had shown and would begin real estate assessments and negotiations with homeowners before the end of the year. There are 88 properties that need to be acquired to fulfill the requirements for acreage for a new Kroger. Of those 88 properties, 21 (?) are owner occupied. Several are in foreclosure, the remainder are rentals or have been boarded up. This is the next step in the process, but there is yet no guarantee on a new store. Shelly did indicate that something would happen in that area, but I got the impression they are not putting a lot of effort into a Plan B until they are sure Plan A won't work.

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