Monday, March 17, 2008

The Annual Yard Sale Event

Now that we have done several of these, we are going to try something slightly different in the hopes that we can build on this event. The neighborhood yard sale generally gets approxiamately 70 participants each year with about 20 more jumping in on the day of the sale. The process of collecting fees and distributing signs and maps is time consuming for the two or three people that are committed to make this event happen. The cost to advertise and print maps is about $200 and the sense of community far out weighs the cost to the neighborhood association.

In order to get the largest participation possible we will only host ONE yard sale event this year and the dates are May 15 - May 17. This is a Thursday through Saturday. People wishing to have a sale on Sunday are welcome to but we won't be advertising that day for yard sales though we can indicate such on the neighborhood map of yard sales. Anyone can have a yard sale and there will be NO FEE to yard sale participants. Since there is no fee involved it is in your best interest to be on the map! We know that these maps work. If you want to be on the published map you have to call Gary (253-1359) or Chad (258-2392) BEFORE MAY 10th and tell us your address and which days you will be open for business so that we can flag it on the map. You will be responsible for your own signs. If you would like to use one of our yard sale signs, there will be a $5 deposit which we will refund when the sign is returned. Otherwise we will place them in strategic locations about the neighborhood.
If anyone has some really interesting stuff to sell and can put together a web page for themselves, please send the link to so that I can get the link added to our website.

Here is the exciting part! On Sunday May 18th, we are going to attempt to host a open house day for all the "For Sale" house listings in the neighborhood. Ideally it would be nice if we could get 20 open houses that day. The open houses will be listed on the same map as the yard sales and advertised in the paper. For this we will charge the $5 fee to offset the cost of promotion. So if you are wanting to sell your house, this may a good opportunity for you. After discussing the idea with several real estate agents it was decided to promote this on its own day because the yard sale attendees may not be candidates for home purchases but if interested they would return on the Sunday. The yard sale event would increase the visibility of "OPEN HOUSE" signs throughout the neighborhood.
It is certainly worth a try and if it works we can do this every year and possibly grow the event to include garden tours or a trivia walking tour. If anyone is interested in helping to organize this event, please contact Gary at the number listed above.

Please realize that there is a cost to host events like these and any tax deductible donations to the Walnut Hills Association are greatly appreciated.

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