Friday, July 11, 2008

Portable Basketball Hoops

Here is some useful information regarding those portable basketball hoops that sometimes appear on the street. The enforcement is done by the Department of Public works and not the police department. The person to contact if you see hoops in the street is Dave Weinandy in Civil Engineering. He sends out the letters to the violators. His number is 333-3858.

Section 95.23 of the Revised Code of General Ordinances of the City of Dayton states: No person shall participate in any game of play or athletic exercise on any roadway in the city.
It is illegal for children or adults to play in a public street and also unsafe. The use of a portable basketball hoops can create a public nuisance. Portable hoops are also not visible after dark and do not have high- visibility markings, which can cause collisions with waste collection trucks, buses, or delivery vehicles.
Moreover, if the presence of the basketball hoop is causing the collection of trash and other waste materials it is in direct violation of section 95.21 of the Revised Code of General Ordinance.
It is asked that the Basketball hoop be moved from the public right-or-way, which usually begins at the property side of the sidewalk. If it is not removed, the City of Dayton has the right to remove it to alleviate the problem.
Section 95.999 states that any person who violates this provision will be guilty of a minor misdemeanor.
Harrison and Jefferson Township follow the same restrictions. A notice is given to the owner after the first complaint. The owner is given two (2) days following the date of the warning notice to remove the equipment to an acceptable location. If the basketball hoop remains in violation the Township’s Service Department will remove the equipment without further notice. The Owner has seven (7) days to claim the equipment or it will be disposed of.

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