Saturday, August 09, 2008

Youth involvement in Walnut Hills

Gary Leitzell had a thought a few weeks ago regarding how to involve young people in our neighborhood and take advantage of the park and other resources. I take much of this from his email.

He suggested turning our "School Committee" into a "Youth Activities Committee" that is overseen by Kym and Mario (current members) but whose membership and chair is made up of neighborhood youth. This would encourage young people to get involved in the community and allow them to organize events that they would like to see happen. Who could do a better job if not the youth themselves? It may even get parents involved. Also, they could organize things like dances in the park now that the basketball courts are finished or similar events at Cleveland School. It would also prompt our youth to participate in organizing the Southeast festival next year. This might be a little cutting edge and is certainly grassroots but it might set a great example for other neighborhoods to follow.

Thoughts, comments, volunteers?

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