Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Attention Walnut Hills Residents! We may have thieves amongst Us!

Sometime between Labor Day, late afternoon & the morning of Sat., Sept. 06, our garage was broken into. We had over $5000 worth of personal & professional tools stolen, as well as some outdoor equipment. The professional tools are unique, marked, and can be easily identified!

We think, as does Dayton PD, that this was done by person(s) from our area. The individual(s) had to have watched the house & known whether or not we were home. Also, the only way that the person(s) could have known what was in the garage, was if they had been by when the door was open. That only happened when we were working out in the backyard area.

Above is a picture of the major item stolen. We would appreciate any help in identifying the person(s) responsible for this act. If you saw, or have seen something like this being rolled around the neighborhood streets within the last week, please call 333-COPS, & then notify us by e-mail at mitchell.kearns@gmail.com.

We really hope that our suspicions are not true. We have lived in Walnut Hills now for over three years, and have never had a problem. However, this is now two(2) separate incidents over the last three months involving our immediate location of Highland & Buchanan. We as a neighborhood must stand up & take back what is ours!

Thank you ahead of time for any assistance given in this matter,

Mitch & Meg
1311 Highland Avenue

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Anonymous said...

it must have been someone close. how could you move something that big and not be seen.