Thursday, January 29, 2009

Person of Interest

Our home was broken into on New Year's Eve day followed by our car being broken into in the early morning of January 19th. My husband caught this person in the act of breaking into our car confronted him and reported to the police his description and license plate number. He was arrested a short time later.

In talking to neighbors this person has been seen "stalking" our neighborhood. I would like everyone to be aware and be on the look out for him. He is a danger to our homes and vehicles.

Jordyn Pierce dob 6-30-90

he drives a 1989 blue 2 door toyota license plate DV62XK. He has been seen wearing a tan carhart khaki work jacket.
This is a picture I obtained from his MySpace page.
We feel this person also broke into our home as he was seen in front of our home the day it was broken into however, the dectective said that is not his normal MO and will not question him concerning the break in.

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