Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Crime Statistics for 02/14/10-02/20/10

Weekly Statistics for Walnut Hills 02/14/10-02/20/10

Armed Robbery 1
Unarmed Robbery 1
Forcible Rape 0
Res Burglary 3
Res Burglary /Garage Shed 0
Theft from Building 0
Theft from Auto 6
Agg Assault 0
Simple Assault 0
Property Damage 11
Shoplifting 1
Drugs Violations 0

During the week of Feb 14 to 20, we had one unarmed robbery in which nothing was taken. One armed robbery nothing was taken of the complainant. He thought he could identify the suspect but was unable to pick him from the photo spread. We had six thefts from auto in which we had no suspect information. Three residential burglaries no suspects stuff taken. One attempted GTA, nothing taken from vehicle, column was peeled. We had eleven property damaged. One house window and several cars windows were broken no entry made nothing taken. One person was arrested for shoplifting at the Kroger’s.

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