Monday, January 30, 2006

Neighborhood Leadership Institute

Applications are now being accepted for the annual Neighborhood Leadership Institute sponsored by the City of Dayton, Chase Bank and Sinclair Community College.
The Neighborhood Leadership Institute is a 12-week program designed to educate Dayton residents about local government. The 2006 program kicks off on Thursday, March 16. It is comprised of various workshops and skill-building components, such as public speaking. It also includes a day-long bus tour of Dayton neighborhoods. Workshops are held at different locations where participants hear presentations from community, business and government leaders on topics such as Dayton’s history, the role of City government, the criminal justice system, and cultural diversity. Class members also complete field assignments to expand their knowledge of Dayton, City government and the community at large. Participants will also be required to complete a practical program that requires them to develop a grassroots project within their community.
Anyone interested in participating must complete and submit an application no later than Monday, February 13. Application forms are available at all City of Dayton Priority Board Offices, the Division of Citizen Participation, located on the 6th floor of City Hall or via the City’s web site at

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