Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Note on Neighborhood Crime

Crime increases in this neighborhood when schools are closed for breaks or holidays. Crime can also increase when new tenants occupy rental properties, especially when there are older children present in the home. If you notice an increase in vandalism or thefts from motor vehicles it is generally a result of these two factors.
Teenagers commit most car thefts in the City of Dayton. Burglaries often result in theft of items that are easily sold or pawned for cash to support a drug habit. It is unwise to leave power tools in your garage. On another note many burglaries and home invasions occur in homes where drugs are present due to the fact that it is unlikely that the crime will be reported.
If you suspect drug activity you can call the drug hotline # 333-DRUG to report your suspicions but you might want to record some vehicle license plate numbers and note the days and times of the activity before you call.
A recent crime in this neighborhood has been the stripping of aluminum siding from the backs and sides of vacant properties. This crime causes blight and reduces the fair market value of surrounding properties. If you see this happening, report the crime to the police.


Karen Lingle France said...

Not only has aluminum siding been taken, but the downspouts are being taken off garages facing the alleys. Last summer someone forced open a locked gate to get into my backyard and I think they were in the yard when I came home at an odd time but left when they heard the garage door go up. We need more police patrols through the alleys. We also need active Neighbor Watch groups.
I moved to Dayton because I found a very nice old house that I bought. It would be too bad if I left because I don't feel safe.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the Police Patrol. In the past year our street has got BAD! We live near an alley and a lot of vandalism and things seem to be getting worse. What about a neighborhood watch program? That would be a start.

Anonymous said...

I have heard from many people who are tired of vandalism and theft. The neighborhood watch theme pops up every time the topic is broached. But we don't need a formal "watch" program to protect our property. A few simple things such as; appropriate lighting, alarm systems, reacting to noise instead of going back to sleep, and common sense will help us keep our possesions. The resident who wrote down the license plate number is the perfect example of taking ownership(great job). Increased police patrols, and formal programs may help deter crime in the future, but what about tonight? In the dark, at 3A.M. when you hear that funny sound. How are you going to react? What are you prepared to do? It's up to all of us to make it personal. Even if it's just a simple phone call.

Anonymous said...

thats all well and good but when you catch these culprits what ya gonna do then? What if they are armed with a weapon? i for one do not value my property that much. besides its been my experiance that "watches" DONT WORK! people who are on the watch get their neighborhoods patroled but what about the rest of us?