Monday, May 01, 2006

Amnesty Offered During Building Safety Week

Release Date: Monday, May 1, 2006
Contact: Bill Nelson, Director of Building Services, 333-3883

The City of Dayton will be joining other communities around the world in celebrating Building Safety Week from May 7-13.

Building Safety Week raises public awareness of building safety and promotes the use, enforcement and understanding of building safety and fire prevention codes to protect lives and property. The theme of this year’s Building Safety Week is “Building a Safer World Together”.

As part of the recognition, Dayton’s Department of Building Services, Division of Housing Inspection will offer amnesty to property owners who failed to register their rental structures within 90 days of ownership. The $50 fee per rental structure will be waived during Building Safety Week, May 7-13 only. All residential properties that are not owner-occupied are required to be registered with the City of Dayton’s Division of Housing Inspection. The rental registration forms are available in the Housing Inspection office and online at the City of Dayton’s web site at

“During Building Safety Week, I encourage the public to stop by our offices at the One Stop Center, 371 West Second Street to learn more about the work that the Building Services Department does,” said Bill Nelson, Director of the Department of Building Services.

“Building code enforcement is the job of professionals who work right here in the City of Dayton,” Nelson said. “Inspectors, plan reviewers and others in our department work to ensure that the structures you and your families live, work, and play in are safe by issuing building permits and inspecting buildings during and after construction.”

Nelson added, “Our department is using Building Safety Week to educate the community about the importance of obtaining proper permits and also registering non owner-occupied rental properties. It is an opportunity to increase public awareness of the role that building safety and fire prevention officials, local and state building departments, and federal agencies play on the front line of defense to protect lives and property. They are the ‘silent defenders’ who are seldom seen but work daily to ensure safety in the built environment.”

“We encourage people to come in and inform our staff at the front desk that you are here to take advantage of the amnesty,” Nelson said.

Building Safety Week, first observed in 1980, is sponsored by the International Code Council Foundation, an organization dedicated to changing the devastating effects of natural disasters and other building tragedies at home and around the world. The International Code Council is an association that develops building safety and fire prevention codes that are used in more than 15,000 jurisdictions across the nation.

For any building safety concerns, contact the Building Services Department at 333-3883. For housing registration questions, contact the Division of Housing Inspection at 333-3977.

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