Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Neighborhood Crime Deterrent Plans

Eric Jones made a presentation at the last meeting offering to establish a crime deterrent service for those areas of the neighborhood where he could gain adequate support from residents. He is willing to do nightly patrols to deter petty crime and illicit activity but cannot be a security service. His concept was a compensated form of neighborhood watch. If enough people on an individual street were willing to pay $5.00 a month ($60.00 year) and it were economically viable for him to establish this as a business then he could start later this year.
If every household in the neighborhood was willing to subscribe to such a service it would generate enough revenue that we could have more effective security and possibly better police response as a result. Certainly worth considering.
For details or information, call Eric at 673-8585.


kzspot said...

Sounds like the mafia. "Pay me for protection, and you won`t get hurt." No thank you. I think that is going down a slippery slope and there`s no way back. I appreciate the thought, just don`t like the idea of it.

Anonymous said...

since when do we have to pay for protection i mean thats what the police are for right? you want us to pay the police for not doing there job and some other guy to not do it also ? yeah no thnx