Thursday, September 06, 2007

More Yard Sale Details

I promised to post this because I think people should be using this site much more than they are doing. I am also trying to make people who are participating in the yard sale this coming weekend realize the true value of this site.
If there is an unusual or specific item that you feel should be promoted, there is nothing to stop you from uploading the URL and sending us a link to your site so that people who visit this web site from the newspaper advertisement can see some of the great items available in our neighborhood yard sale.
That being said, 1418 Phillips Ave will be running their yard sale on Friday and Saturday since they are unable to be available on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Where is the official map like you posted last time?

Gary said...

You can view the map at this link

I have just picked up the final copy and will be getting 600 printed up for distribution to the yard sale locations as well as Family Video. They should be in everyones hands by 6:00 PM this evening!