Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Decorating Contest Results!

The votes are in and the Walnut Hills Christmas Decorating Contest judges are proud to announce the 2007 winners!


$10.00 Prize.
A very creative and well designed arrangement located at 240 Indiana Avenue.


$15.00 Prize.
A large, fun arrangement located at 117 Medford Street.


$25.00 Prize.
I must say that it was a unanimous decision by the judges that the spectacular display located at 1242 Carlisle Avenue was the obvious winner this year. The scope and beauty of this arrangement must truly be seen to be believed, a very nice job!

The judging was conducted on two nights, December 23rd and December 30th, 2007. Decorations were judged on creativity, complexity and consistency (the 3 C's of holiday decorating).

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cat117 said...

we live at 117 medford st. we were to have won a 15.00 prize for decorating at x-mas which we never received, also i have inquired about the upcoming yard sale to see if i can participate in it, and i was wanting to see about delivering the newsletters so i can get a copy for myself. thank-you