Monday, January 07, 2008

Firewood Anyone?

I promised to post this for a guy living in the neighborhood who needs to move all the wood before spring so he can tend to his back yard gardening!


CALL JOE @ (937)718-6919


Anonymous said...

well i ordered one cord at a cost of $125 for some cheap maple.

Anonymous said...

my comment is on the christmas decorations, our house was a winner of 15.00 which we never received, since it did win we would like a check sent to us payable to mike rymer, 117 medford st.dayton, ohio 45410. i sent an email in about this a while back i also inquired on being put on the list for the yard sale, also inquired about delivering your newsletter, and no one returned my answers. so we'll see if this one is answered. cathy rymer

Gary said...

You did not send an email to me. I did get a notification about your post from this site but posting anonymously on this site does not help me. I have no way of knowing who you are. I forwarded your decoration information to the person who awarded you the prize in the belief that it would be taken care of. If you haven't received your prize then neither have the other two winners because only one person writes our checks. When you are a volunteer in charge of an organization of volunteers you get what you pay for, unfortunately. I had no phone number in which to contact you regarding the yard sale. My phone number is clearly printed on every newsletter and in several places on this blog. Our neighborhood meetings are on the second Monday of every month at the same location for the last 20 years and I have only missed two meetings in five years. You are welcome to attend and I can be sure you get your prize and the recognition you deserve.