Sunday, March 15, 2009

The day after the MRDD Chili Cook-off, I did not place or win at this one, but had fun with family and friends!! Learned that you can cook 10 gallons of chili in our home with out causing to many problems for the rest of the family.


Yes, anyone that I talked to before the MRDD cook-off I told I only needed 5 gallons, I thought I would make a little more and more.. And ok.. I double the recipe at that wrong point in getting the stuff.. So after the cook-off we stop by the homeless shelter and drop off the rest of the chili..


I am amazed that I still have a voice; after calling out "Best DARN Texas Chili- JEDDN Chili" to everyone that walked by the booth at the MRDD Chili Cook-off


JEDDN-- stands for everyone on our team that help.. Jim, Emily, Debbie, Dannie (DanDan), and Nancy


We had a great time and fun.. And will be doing it again next year..


Thanks Bob for coming out to the cook-off..


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