Saturday, August 05, 2006

Alley Sweep and Park Picnic!

The alley sweep is scheduled for Saturday, August 26th. The city assigns two garbage trucks to travel up and down all the alleys while volunteers walk behind the trucks picking up trash and debris. There is also a tire truck and a metal collection truck that runs through the neighborhood but no volunteers are needed for them.
We will begin at 9 AM at the Church on the Rock located at 321 Edgar Ave. I need at least 8 volunteers to walk behind the trucks. Once again this will NOT be an additional opportunity to put out bulk waste. Any trash that appears to be for bulk pick up will be left in place. We cannot afford to fill up these trucks with items that should be scheduled for pick- up on the 17th or 31st of August with the city's regular schedule. (Call 333-8774 to schedule your bulk pick up). Everyone can help in a small way. We can clean the alleys but I would like everyone reading this (whether you live in Walnut Hills or not) to go out their front door and pick up the trash and litter in front of your house on that morning. Traditionally we feed the volunteers lunch. This year, since there are supplies left from the July 4th picnic, we will have another picnic in the park starting at 1 PM. We have already made provisions for a grill! If you have never ventured to the park, this would be a good day to go.

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