Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Drinking in the park

Every week it seems that people are drinking alcohol in the park at dark and are leaving their empty cases and containers lying around for others to clean up. This has gone on for years and is hard to police. If caught, the penalty is a ticket and a fine. The problem really isn't the drinking or vandalism, which is quite minimal. The problem is that glass bottles are being broken in the shelter and the glass gets tracked into the playing area where children visit every day.
In case you weren't aware, both alcohol and glass containers are prohibited in public parks. So that everyone is aware of the rules, I have asked several times for bi-lingual signs to be posted at the park but it seems that the department directors at the city have other ideas or aren't hearing me.
While we cannot condone the activity that seems to happen up there, we can ask for polite consideration for the other neighborhood people who visit the park. Please, properly dispose of containers, or if the garbage cans are full then take the containers home and dispose of them there. I suspect the people breaking the bottles are not the same as those drinking their contents but one is leading to the other. This is one of those cases where a small handful of people ruin the enjoyment for everybody.
If you are visiting the park and feel it is within your power to pick up some of the trash, feel free to do so. This is OUR park and is an asset that we shouldn't be prepared to lose to a small group of teenage thugs or bullies who in a few short years will no longer be smarter than their adult contemporaries!

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Anonymous said...

i happen to be at the park yesterday with my 3-year old daughter, and the glass was not only broken in and around the play area but actuall pieces of glass were in the water fountain. seems to me the police or parks service should take a more active role in keeping the park safe for our children..........thnx