Thursday, January 18, 2007


It appears there was a fire at 1015 Epworth Ave on Wednesday morning (January 17, 2007). The building is a double and has been boarded up already. There is an arson notice on the front of the building. If you have any information call the police department.

I see this didn't make the news at all, not that I want it to, but if it would have occured in Twin Towers there would have been a story!


India Hill said...

It was on the news, whio's website had a video of it and an artical about it, also had an artical online about it. And it was on the 11 O'clock news. Its so sad. According to the news (which may or may not be accurate) this is one in a few Arson Cases to hit the neighborhood recently
Hopefully the good that can come of this is to inspire the majority of the residents of Walnut Hills to get involved in our community in some way or another!

Gary said...

I should stop watching channel 2 news then! I searched the Dayton Daily News site for Epworth and nothing came up. I saw the fire trucks in the AM and drove by in the afternoon which is how I found out.

Gary said...

Here is what the paper says. I had to search "Fire" to find it.

Suspicious fire damages duplex
Wednesday, January 17, 2007

DAYTON — A suspicious fire damaged a duplex at 1015 Epworth Ave. Tuesday morning, said Dayton District Chief Lester Flohr.

Units were called to the scene at 6:47 a.m. and when they arrived they found the first floor of the unoccupied dwelling in flames, he said.

An investigator was called in to help determine the cause of the fire.

"We considered it a suspicious fire because a gas can was found in the alley," said Flohr.

No one was hurt, he said, and damages were estimated at $30,000.

11:05 AM