Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dayton Announces Rate Change in Combined Waste Collection Fee

Release Date: Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Contact: Fred Stovall, Director of Public Works, 333-4070

The City of Dayton is combining its current Waste Collection Disposal Fee and Waste Container Fee into one charge that will appear on the quarterly water utility bill. The City Commission today approved an Ordinance combining the current $5.00 monthly disposal fee and the 89-cent monthly container fee into one new $7.00 per month Waste Disposal Fee.

The rate change is effective January 1, 2007, which means Dayton water customers will see the new amount on quarterly water utility bills received in April 2007. The annual cost for waste collection services will increase slightly from $70.70 to $84.00. For comparison, most other area cities charge higher annual waste collection fees: Englewood - $278.00; Oakwood - $220.00; Centerville - $216.00; Kettering - $173.00; Union $162.00; West Carrollton - $152.00; Miamisburg - $144.00; and Trotwood - $134.00. The new rate change is estimated to result in approximately $731,000 of additional revenue for the City.

In 2002, the City of Dayton instituted the $5.00 monthly waste disposal fee to help cover costs associated with disposing of waste at the Montgomery County transfer station. That Ordinance was set to expire later this year. The Ordinance approved by the City Commission today replaces the 2002 Ordinance. In addition, the new Ordinance includes an annual escalator, which will be applied based upon the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

“As much as we would prefer not to change our rates at all, the escalating costs associated with waste collection operations make it necessary,” Fred Stovall, Director of Dayton’s Public Works Department, said. “It now costs more to dispose of our waste at the county landfill and to provide the containers that enable the City to maintain such a high quality of service. Unfortunately, that means we must increase our rates slightly to cover those outside costs.”

Bulky Waste pick-up service will continue to be provided at no charge.

“This is a good time to remind residents to recycle their household trash as much as possible to reduce the waste stream going to the landfill,” Stovall said. “The more we recycle as a community, the less we pay for disposing of waste in the landfill.”

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