Friday, December 12, 2008

New Kroger Project Dead

I saw this on's website Friday, Dec 12. Apparently, Kroger has backed out of the deal to build a new store at the corner of Wayne & Wyoming streets.

Kroger No Longer Interested Building New Store

Thursday, December 11, 2008 – updated: 6:15 am EST December 12, 2008
DAYTON, Ohio -- Dayton City Manager Rashad Young said he is tremendously frustrated with what has happened between the city and Kroger.

Young said Kroger is no longer interested in building a new store at the corner of Wayne and Wyoming streets in Dayton.

According to Young, the project’s price tag was too costly. He said Kroger was $4.5 million away from making this a reality and the city must start working on plan B.

Laura Chism and her husband agreed to sell their home to the city to make way for Kroger’s proposed new 57,000-square-foot store. On Thursday, they and others in the neighborhood got letters from the city, telling them the project will not be moving forward as planned.

“Everyone thought it was a done deal and now we receive this letter it not a done deal,” Chism said.

“Here we are able to acquire virtually all these properties. Then to have Kroger tell us their circumstances have changed, it is very frustrating,” Young said.

Many others who live near the east Dayton intersection did not like this latest news.

The city said it still wants to buy the homes in this area and wants to extend its option on those homes to March of next year.

The city is planning a meeting to meet with residents on Dec. 16.

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