Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Some Walnut Hills News!! We have received a Christmas present from the City of Dayton!! We found out the lot that we are in the process of using the Real Estate Acquisition Program (R.E.A.P) offered by the City of Dayton is going for the first Sheriff’s sale. For those who don’t now the REAP program is offered to City of Dayton residents the opportunity to acquire abandoned lots for minimal cost, it can take up to 18 months from start to finish but in the end the resident ends up with more land and the city loses an eyesore win/win.

The Judge signed the paper on 23 December. We are very happy!!!! Now we are starting to plan for the new house. How big, how many rooms? How green do we go? All the fun questions as we plan for the present and future.

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Chad said...

18 months max? More like 18 months minimum... I've been waiting on an empty lot for a year and a half, didn't sell first time.. didn't sell second time.. CC voted and approved but still it's in waiting... I'd be surprised if you have it in your name a year from today.